They were able to find a family despite being abandoned in the desert

It all began in the desert, when two puppies were given to each other by their owners.

They were seen by Jordan, who was driving by, as they rushed in terror down the street. Children were taken to an emergency facility by a stranger.

The monsters were still alive and healthy, but they allowed people to approach them due to stress and hunger. Pesels have been a constant companion for Jordan ever since he brought them home.

Jordan isn’t afraid to take risks with his free time. The pace of their owner’s life instantly captivated their pets.

Zeus and Sedona, on the other hand, were able to conquer the mountains, swim in the glanders, and admire views I had never dreamed of as puppies.

Traveling by car is a popular choice for tail globetrotters, but Zeus and Sedona are most happy while riding along on their owner’s skateboard. Dogs scurry into the yard as soon as Jordan obtains the board.

They like to move their buddy on their own: they run so they may easily receive the wind in their hair—sled canines in the 21st century.

Zeus and Sedona now saw themselves as prepared explorers who like spending the night both in a posh hotel and in a tent in the rain..

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