They took up a stray dog when it showed up at the auto lot and named it «companion»

They’ve taken in a stray dog at the auto dealership where they work. On occasion, he would leave the showroom to attend to his business, but he always came back.

The showroom manager always made sure Kitty was fed, but on a particularly gloomy day, she felt bad for the dog and gave her extra.

The proprietor provided him with food and allowed him to relax in the spa.The staff at the dealership thought the dog was so mellow, they made him their official mascot.

After his trial term was through, he did not alter his behavior and instead continued to be subdued.

And eventually, everyone who came to the showroom was completely consumed by his presence. Eventually, someone constructed and furnished a doghouse for him.

We don’t know whether sales went up when we gave the dog a VIP ticket, which was a short while afterwards.

However, the clientele has a favorable impression of the hairy manager and goes out of their way to be kind to him.

The dog has become an Instagram sensation, with thousands of followers; before year’s end, he or she will likely feature in a vehicle ad.

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