They thought they had a baby watermelon, but when they found out it was really an animal, they were shocked

Lorry and his wife decided to go trekking so that they could spend time together and learn more about the outdoors.

He let his gaze to drift below at one point, and it was then that he saw something quite bizarre on his wife’s sock.

About the size of a newborn, it resembled a little watermelon or a rough cucumber.

However, after a closer look, the two individuals noticed that the little creature was really a spider.

Lorry elaborated, saying, «We saw that it was a small spider, and it had begun constructing a web.»

It was already «spinning a web.» We carefully placed it on the ground in front of where I aimed for the photo.

The little spider is often called a cucumber spider because it seems more like a tiny fruit or vegetable than a creature.

The fact that Lorry and his other half were able to encounter a cucumber animal is fantastic, since these creatures don’t use hiding places; instead, they excel at either disguising themselves in plain sight or making enough commotion to get away.

It seems that the little creature kept on its route, climbing the sidewalk like a small watermelon. This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

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