These adorable pups have found their way into the wedding album

The day of a couple’s nuptials is a momentous occasion. You’ve spent months putting the finishing touches on this event.

An amateur photographer was obviously welcomed, and it’s safe to say they’ll get some great shots as a result.

The mount is crowned, however, when a creature’s face appears in front of the focus point. Whether you like it or not, that is.

Most of us consider our canine friends to be family members, and an event as important as a wedding can’t go on without their help.

We’d like to introduce to you a selection of images of happy pets and their adoring owners.

Definitely, this is a full-body suit. Is there any chance you’ll be able to track down the woman in the photo? This is the only way marriage should take place.

I’m not sure whether this cover is better for me, but if it is, I’ll take it.

Mmm. That pair of shoes is just too cute for words. Furthermore, I’m sure I’ll be eager to find out whether it’s delicious.

Why do you choose this life partner to me, rather than him, as your future spouse? Mmm.

Quadrupeds are more likely to want to make a big deal out of the celebration than most other animals. Are there any animals that attended your wedding?

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