There were a total of 15 cubs born to an old bear

This bear was born and raised in a natural park in the United States.

She is a 25-year-old female black bear who has shown herself to be one of the world’s most prolific breeders by giving birth to five pups at once at an advanced age for these beasts.

It is uncommon for bear mothers to have more than two or three pups at a time; five is the most common number of bear cubs born at a time.

As a result, reserve personnel claim that they doubt her capacity to give birth at such an advanced age, as her species seldom lives beyond 24 to 35 years.

It is true that there are certain exceptions, and this woman is a lovely mother who feeds her baby all day long.

Furthermore, she picked a renowned tourist spot in the reserve.

Inaccessible areas where other bears reside might be hazardous for mom pups, therefore it makes sense to keep them there.

As a local celebrity, she and her cubs are often seen in the reserve.

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