There was an instant bond between the dog and the ferret, and they now spend all of their time together

Since Mery had always wanted to own two distinct animals, she decided to have a dog and a ferret as instances of their relationship.

An animal, namely a dog, was the first visitor to her home.

Mery exposed her throughout training to many different kinds of plants, from parrots to cats, and the dog eventually became tolerant of them all.

The next step was to pick out a cute animal, and as kids in shelters often grow up with dogs, it was easy for the child to make her decision.

There were no hiccups at the first meeting. Dog grew interested in the stranger and followed him about as he sniffed the new home.

Mery claims that two days passed before «the fun began» and the ferret paid little attention to the dog.

They look so much similar that Mery comments, «There are two dogs living here!»

The ferret is the focal point of their relationship, while the dog plays more of a supporting role.The dog is really kind to the ferret and is always keeping an eye on him and providing for his needs.

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