There has always been a connection between twins that cannot be seen. The majority of children wished they could have a twin

The life histories of two children that are genetically similar are quite remarkable. Their mothers predict that they will get along famously.

Rayat Ray and Indy May have been together since they were both infants. The photographer first mistook the babies for twins because of how similar they appeared.

The girls’ mothers, Corey and Katie, are identical twins. Pregnancy was revealed to the women. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

Girls became closer as sisters. Throughout the pregnancy, they took joy in one other’s company and discussed potential baby names.

It’s significant that they both gave birth at the same hospital. Katie and Corey decided to document their labor and birth on camera.

Twenty minutes apart, they both had a lovely child. Miracle! Twins!

Having children together strengthened the bonds between the sisters. Most mothers assume their girls will become fast friends. Many people believe the babies are connected by magic.

The girls have plenty of supportive loved ones.

Cousins are often mistaken for identical twins.

Gran enjoys spending time with the girls because of how nice and happy they always are.What happens next, time will tell.

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