There are five lovely dogs with amusing faces that you’ll want to cuddle with

As far as we can tell, dogs are adorable and deserve a lot of attention.

Since one of our online customers noticed that his dog had wonderful and lovely cheeks, we’ll need to cuddle him a lot more.

Internet users started sending their dogs to him after he posted this statement in one of his informal forums.

These are the images we’ve gathered to provide you inspiration for the rest of the day the next day.

It’s little wonder this dog wants to be dragged by the cheeks, given how much he tingles them.

Would you mind if I ate the delicious bread you set out for me, Chief?

As of right now, I am no longer a pug, but rather a cake.

The dog’s name is Jack, and today is his birthday.

He was fixated on another toy and had no desire to smile for the camera, but the owners forced him to do so.

Ace, this is a fantastic idea, but how may it be improved upon?

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