The young woman coaxed the waterbird up for a photo op. It would have been possible to prevent these results

Sometimes people be careless and unreliable with our humbler relatives.

People nowadays are more influenced by their online communities than ever before, and many of them like bragging to their friends and followers by posting photos of themselves with various representatives of the animal kingdom.

But do these people ever wonder whether the real animals like it?

The country of origin for this case is Bulgaria. The tourist needed to take a picture of the beautiful swan. To snap a photo with him, she dragged him towards beach.

All the tourists saw how scared the bird was, and their hearts sank. The swan struggled to free itself from the selfie darling’s grasp, but she held on to it tenaciously.

Having taken her last fatal two or three bullets, she casually released the bird. The swan took a risky two- or three-step dive and promptly broke its neck as it hit the beach.

The unfortunate results of human actions are harmful to wildlife, and it is unclear if a fervent supporter of loosely knit communities will face any legal consequences for this.

No matter what, we have faith that this will happen.

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