The world record for the largest cow is held by this 2,000 pound beauty. You’ve never seen anything like it

Their agriculturally-inclined relative gave them this wonderful species to cultivate.

He was pampered like a baby and showered with presents, yet he has no needs beyond the desire to stuff his face.

It is likely one of the biggest in the world, given that he is over a ton in weight and stands over two meters in height, but no record has been set for this.

When the cow was just six months old, its owners saw that it was still being bottle-fed.

After devouring the meal, the calf started to steal the containers from their hands.

The enormous expense of maintaining the cow necessitated its relocation to a contact farm where the animals might earn their keep through tourist donations.

Although he is docile, most people still stare in disbelief when they see him and refuse to touch him.

There is no justification for him to do so. Unlike the other animals, the cow has his or her own own barn. As an alternative, you may offer him some cookies, which he enjoys. Huge, yet endearing.

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