The woman’s ring was eaten by the family dog

After giving it up of ever finding it again, a woman discovered discovered her dog had eaten her wedding band.Leana was taken aback when she saw her beautiful stone ring was missing from the nightstand.

When she saw a box lying on the ground, she knew immediately who had been given the ring.

Favorite pet dog Fugu stepped into the room and devoured it. However, Leana did the responsible thing and went her pet to the vet.

The x-ray proved that Fugu had scavenged her mother’s precious ring and eaten it.

It was good news that the woman’s ring hadn’t been misplaced, but the issue now was how to get it back.

Regardless, it was a lot harder for Leana and her husband to track down Fugu’s stomach ring than they had imagined.

The missing dog was tracked down with the use of a metal detector after four days.

«My husband even bought a detector to try to find it,» the woman claimed, «and thankfully on the third day it finally appeared.»

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