The wedding of a couple who met while walking their dogs had five dogs in attendance

They met while walking their dogs and decided to include five of them in their wedding celebration as a way to honor them.

Spectacular tuxedos and custom-made costumes for dogs walked down the aisle before Natia, 32, married Jimy.

Natia, a professional in the field of mental health, recalls how her sister insisted that they meet and exchange phone numbers, which led to her meeting her long-term partner.

Currently, Natia has a nine-year-old corgi-mix named Teddy, and Jimy, who works as an administrator for a pool building company, has a ten-year-old terrier named Nola. At this time, they invited.

As the couple began to organize their wedding, it came as no surprise to their friends and family that they intended to bring their dogs along as well.

Before the couple said «I do,» there was a slight glitch. He was plainly planning to spend time with the dogs until the controllers arrived, but one of them escaped while hunting for his future wife.

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