The toy poodle’s new oblong cut makes it resemble a lamb

This dog’s unusual haircut made him a viral sensation.It was conceptualized by a Japanese hairstylist who happens to be a poodle owner.

The dog’s master put in a lot of work, and now it’s a round ball of fluff with tiny legs.

Some Instagram users compared the dog to a sheep, while others said it looked more like a cloud.

A lot of people had a good time thanks to the canine star of the photos and videos, even though nobody knew what the hairdresser’s brilliant concept was.

In the comments, many gushed over the owner’s skill at giving their dog a flawlessly round cut and expressed a desire to do the same thing with their own pets.

When asked why she picked this specific poodle cut, the owner cited aesthetics but also a very substantial reason.

To simultaneously shield its owner and make it more challenging for the dog to reach its paws, the dog’s coat was constructed with extra fluff at the top.

What a fantastic hairstyle! I think it looks fantastic on the dog. Please give me some feedback on my new do.

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