The three wrestlers banded together and challenged a lioness to a match

Almost every myth and legend from every culture in the world involves a hero who faces down and kills a lion. Remember Hercules.But really, is it even possible?

As a means of gauging the lions’ strength, three wrestlers decided to have them all pull on the same rope at once. Audience interest in the tournament was so strong that it was filmed in its entirety.

It has been estimated that an adult lion’s bite may generate as much as 40 atmospheres of pressure.

Despite their smaller size (lionesses weigh in between 120–180 kg), they have remarkable physiques and are one of the few top predators with significant dimorphism.

To add insult to injury, lionesses are the most active hunters. This helps explain why their mane doesn’t become as long as it would otherwise.

The San Antonio lioness was just three years old when she was kept there.

At the same time, three WWE wrestlers (Ricoche, Fabian Eichner, and Killian Dane) believed they could out-maneuver the predator in a game of tug-of-war.

The female lion stayed inside her cage the whole time. Slits in the wall were used to feed the rope through.

The animal quickly became involved in the game, at which point all three wrestlers began tugging at once to keep it amused. Surprisingly, the lioness didn’t try to run away.

The men had no choice but to give up. It has been discovered that lions are far more formidable than previously thought.

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