The tale of a food blogger dog who started out as a stray and has now amassed a following of around 500,000 people

When it comes to eating, this pooch understands how to pose like a true connoisseur. Just take a look at his charmingly lifted ear, which shows how disobedient he is.

Thousands of people’s dreams came true thanks to a small puppy called Popeye.

A well-known blogger, he is often called to appear on television, and the mouthwatering meal in the picture with Popeye has everyone going wild.

Dirty, malnourished, and unwell, the dog was. Despite the efforts of concerned citizens, no one was able to locate its owners.

As a result, they opted to retain the discovery for themselves. Popeye was the family’s fourth canine addition.

One of the new dogs had a unique attribute. He treats food with great respect; he never climbs on the table oran 400k followers. It’s not uncommon to see the blogging dog on the news.

It’s not only the dog’s fame, but also his enchanted ear, it seems. Popeye’s left ear is permanently raised, whereas his right one is permanently lowered.Among dog-lovers, this is one of Popeye’s most beloved features.

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