The small white and gray mouse loves to lounge in the thick, fluffy hair of his closest friend’s dog

Nikki’s kind owner also provides a home for a menagerie of other animals, both little and enormous.

He has an unending supply of love and devotion for all of his animal companions. Nikki is very modest, peaceful, and tranquil.

When Nicole found out that a local pet business needed temporary homes for its animals, she jumped at the chance to help.

Nicole seized the opportunity to help them adopt one of the critters. Because of this, they welcomed Molly, a beautiful white and gray rat, into their big, happy family.

They all welcomed Molly and tried to be quite courteous to him. Love sprang instantly between the pair.

Nikki and Molly quickly formed a deep and genuine connection that has lasted over the years.

Molly stayed close to his new buddy, often climbing onto his back to snuggle with his soft fur.

Nikki didn’t stir when he spotted his little friend sleeping on his fur.He did his best to make Molly happy by being kind to him and affectionate toward him.

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