The shelter dog was all suited up and ready to go, but his new owners never showed up to claim him

Every pup dreams of spending their whole lives in a happy family. Consequently, when the happy occasion came, the dog was decked up in a tuxedo to fit the part.

The adoptive parents were supposed to attend a finalization appointment, but they never showed up.

The unsuccessful adoption was a disappointment to Vinnie. The shelter’s staff was just as devastated as the residents.

They snapped pictures of the glum pooch in his sad outfit and shared them online along with his sad backstory.

Reactions were quite impressive. Lots of people felt bad for the little puppy and expressed their appreciation and good vibes to it.

A number of adoption offers were also submitted. Workers at the shelter hoped that if the animals gave the impression that they were in good care, they would be more likely to be healthy and happy throughout their lives.

When everything else failed, Vinnie finally located the dwelling he would spend the remainder of his life in. The shelter reported that Vinnie had been adopted by a loving family.

Many people were hurt by this news. However, the shelter has a lot of cute dogs looking for new homes.

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