The rescued dog never leaves home without his dinner dish and even sleeps with it

This dog spends much of his time dozing off next to his food dish. I find it even more amusing because he carries it about with him and uses it as a makeshift bed everywhere he goes.

A lady who saw photos of the dog on the shelter’s website decided to adopt him.

She felt compelled to provide him shelter for this reason. The lady has brought in her second pet, a two-legged one that was also recently housed at the shelter.

Shortly after bringing the dog home, the owner observed some peculiar behavior.

When she found out the reason, she was taken aback. The dog’s half-brother was always there to keep him company while their master wasn’t home.

The woman’s attention was swiftly diverted, however, since the dog was preoccupied with something else.

The dog, it turns out, is very connected to his dish, and he cherishes it like a precious jewel.The dog’s conduct has not altered in the two years following the occurrence.

The woman finally understood that in his mind, his own bowl represented the two most important things in the world: safety and familiarity. Really, such a lovable pup, wouldn’t you agree?

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