The public has now seen Arnold Schwarzenegger’s newest pet

Schnitzel is the name Arnold Schwarzenegger gave his new pet in honor of his favorite dish: Schnitzel.

To this meatball, he feels a connection that he hasn’t yet developed with any of his other pets.

As a Christmas gift, his family gave him a pet they named after his favorite dish. The term was coined by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Instagram followers had been promised an image of him cradling his new puppy for Christmas, but the man upheld his end of the bargain.

He’s willing to post pictures and videos of his meatball if you want him to.

The Terminator’s house is a veritable zoo of animals. Lulu is only one of several animals he keeps in his pet zoo: Cherry, Dutch, and Noodle are among others.

Already, Schnitzel and the Dutch are inseparable. On the other hand, Cherry seems to be completely unaffected. Schnitzel and the donkey link, on the other hand, is gaining traction.

It doesn’t give a damn about anything when it comes to whiskey. She is happy as long as she gets her daily portion of food.

Arnold revealed to me that having so many pets makes him happy throughout our conversation. He claimed that the coronavirus epidemic had not killed him.

He appreciates the surge of adrenaline that comes from being in the company of such vibrant animals. Furthermore, he regards it as a kind of self-help for himself.

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