The pregnant rescue dog looks radiant in her professional maternity portraits

Cara Schmidt was given the temporary placement of Kiki, who needed specialized care at the shelter. Cara Schmidt was delighted to have such an active and gorgeous guest.

In light of this, the young lady ultimately decided to organize a maternity photography for the dog, just as such shoots are routinely organized for human beings

After Kiki had her last litter of pups, I reassured her that she would never have to give birth again as we took some stunning pregnancy shots.

Adds Cara. The session produced unbelievable results, which contributed to Kiki’s meteoric rise to fame. There were many compliments directed towards Cara and the pregnant model.

The young woman is keeping her fingers crossed that the picture shoot will lead to a quick adoption for Kiki.

Whatever the circumstances, the dog and her nine new puppies seem to be adjusting well to life with Cara Schmidt.

Members of staff will eventually adopt the mother once the puppies are old enough.

They plan to relocate the whole family of tail-based species after that.

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