The postman will deliver a letter even if there is no mail because of the dog that waits for him every day

A mailman in Brisbane, Australia, named Martin Studer. He anticipates interacting with a local citizen each day. Pippa, the golden retriever, is her name.

The dog is so excited to see Martin that she runs to the gate as soon as she does. The dog is completely enamored with the task of delivering mail to its masters.

When Martin doesn’t have anything for Pippa, the poor dog’s heart literally breaks. After all, she can’t make her owners happy with fresh writing anymore.The mail carrier explains, «I figured I had to come up with something.»

If Martin can’t think of anything else to entertain the dog, he now simply tosses her a letter addressed to «Mail for Pippa,» and the dog proudly brings it back inside.

As a result, Pippa’s mailman has risen to prominence as the area’s most popular and beloved delivery person.

Who else except him cares so much about the satisfaction of his customers?

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