The police discover an discarded bag and follow the sound of shrieking inside

At the start of this month, police saw a lady and her dog speeding across a crowded intersection. They slowed down to help the two people who had stopped in front of them.

As soon as the dogs were captured and brought to the Center, the officers’ day began to look up a notch. Hearing what seemed to be screaming coming from inside a locked suitcase, they decided to look into it more.

Officers were startled to see seven little puppies when they carefully opened the suitcase.

When the package was finally unwrapped, the puppies’ joy was too much to contain.

Police officers eventually pieced together that the animals’ cries throughout the day were really for the dog they had just rescued, their mother.

We are so relieved that they came back to safeguard the dogs that we have no words to convey our gratitude.

According to the post, the mother’s frantic search for assistance in order to free her puppies from the suitcase is the reason they are still alive. An example sentence: [Reference required]

Although the animals are in good health, they are not yet up for adoption. But for the time being, they’re soaking up all the affection they can from the shelter workers.

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