The picture’s homeless dog Mika stuck out in your mind. Adopted, he is now beaming with happiness

Do you remember hearing about the dog that was abandoned on the street and was filmed the entire time?

We wrote an essay addressing that same topic. After being saved, he was welcomed into a kind family.

When he saw what had happened to Mika on the news, he, like everyone else, was deeply moved.

There were a lot of people who wanted to adopt Him, and there were even tales that the dog wants to be selected by Mika too, but it was finally Walter who was able to get him home.

Mika is obviously a very loyal dog. He has found a new source of happiness and comfort in his new family.

Since her new father is a home-based worker, he is the focus of a lot of attention and love.Mika is once again his vivacious, hilarious, and caring self.

The new family that Mika has joined seems like home to him. Since Squire can see his father often thanks to his flexible work schedule, they spend a lot of time together.

His new family treats him with much kindness and compassion. To recap, Mika is once again full of life, concern, and mischief.

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