The photographer was able to get a shot of an unusual bear that didn’t resemble any of the others

The migratory routes of brown bears were mapped out by a photographer who put up camera traps in those areas.

As the guy perused the incoming data, he became aware that a very unusual bear, unlike any of his brethren, had somehow made its way into the camera’s view.

The photographer visited the site where the camera was set up, and he or she caught footage of a peculiar woodland dweller.

A photographer was documenting remote locations on Canada’s west coast. He had been taking pictures of mostly brown and black bears when one that seemed white at first entered his frame.

Polar bears are known to make occasional appearances in our area, but this one didn’t seem much like one.

The photographer sent the final images and footage to the local animal shelter.

The experts have determined that the photographer most likely came across a rare Kermode bear. In other words, a cub born to two black bears may have white fur, and this is not a mutation.

Offspring will be impacted if both parents have the recessive allele for the color gene. The odds of a polar bear cub being born in this area are around one in four.

Look at the pictures the photographer took.

The number of Kermode bears rising in the area. This is being blamed on global warming by some researchers.

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