The parents decided to install surveillance cameras and caught their son’s beautiful explanation for why he always wakes up on the floor

The Finn family was at a loss to explain their son’s habit of waking up on the floor. He said nothing to them, and it was agreed to set up a camera instead.

The very first films revealed the routine: the kid would go down to the dog, who would then sleep in the kids’ room.

Since Finn’s infancy, he and the family dog, Brutus, have gotten along well. The dog would rather be in the child’s bedroom than anywhere else in the home, and it never left his side.

Furthermore, the kid hasn’t spent the night in his bed since he got his own room and stopped sleeping at his parents’.

Parents who were sick of discovering a sleeping Finn in the morning set up the camera.

Our son’s room has radiant floor heating, but I’d still want to get him used to sleeping on a bed.

It became clear on video that Finn «just cannot be without his companion,» as Finn’s mother put it.

The footage shows the boy methodically preparing for bed each night, packing up his favorite blanket and toys, and then snuggling up with his furry companion.

In the end, Finn’s parents gave in and allowed him to keep sleeping with the animal. They have faith that this bad behavior will go away with time.

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