The officer’s photos of the rescued squirreLs quickly became Internet sensations

A police officer last week saw something out of the ordinary on the side of a major highway. Two baby squirrels were in danger, so the guy stopped his car.

He felt awful that he couldn’t just leave them alone, but he couldn’t help himself.

And in certain situations, prompt reply is always preferred.The animals were carefully carried by him as he transported them.

A police officer found a squirrel’s nest in the middle of a road.

The guy made an effort to return the baby squirrels to the nest so that their mother could find them. They might have easily turned their backs on their saviour, but they held firm.

He held them and let them fidget in his arms for a bit. He tucked them into bed and left when he realised they were sound sleeping.

On that day in particular, followers of the official account saw a photo of the cop cuddling a baby squirrel, and they flooded the page with compliments on the officer’s and his team’s generosity.

What a lovely tale! It would be nice if everyone was as friendly and kind as this police officer.

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