The nine years that the ginger cat has spent working at the store without a vacation speak volumes about its dedication to the job

Nine years ago, an employee brought a cat they had discovered to work and named Bubba.

Bubba’s new friends at the shop were extremely kind to him, and a caregiver who stopped by and had four cats of her own would bring him food and take him to the vet.

An article claims that Bubba’s owner, Al, has worked for the company since 2014. He enjoys being able to chat with customers while relaxing near the store’s entrance.

Most of his time is spent at the store’s entrance. Even Kitty likes to gaze out the window. It was Alan who made the remark.

«He owns this place like a castle!» It was Alan who made the remark.XHe has been employed at the shop longer than anybody else there, and he has never taken a day off.

Bubba’s primary responsibility is to keep an eye out for any cardboard that could be dropped.

Customers love him. He gets a kick out of meowing at them as they go in and being shown about.

All the while he’s taking selfies, counting merchandise, and keeping a close eye on the business, he never loses concentration on making sure nothing is stolen.

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