The most lovable puppy that was searching for a new home

Joey may have been born a one-of-a-kind individual, but he hasn’t allowed that stop him from being himself.

The Chihuahua is certain that he must do all he can to protect and raise his family. Also, despite the fact that he lacks front legs, he is able to completely subdue various breeds of dogs.

«Joey is one of the happiest dogs we’ve ever met.» Although he doesn’t know he’s different from the other dogs, he still enjoys playing with his sprinkle cushion and receiving snuggles from them.

Whether he’s playing or resting, Joey accomplishes almost nothing for the majority of the game.

When he’s exhausted from playing, the puppy seeks out the coziest corner in the home and curls up with one of his many stuffed animals to go asleep.

Resting with a Lamb Chop toy that’s just right for him is a favorite pastime.

Peralta said that since «he’s still a lot of a pup,» «he will play hard and then he relaxes hard.». «Joey enjoys curling up with his enormous toys and taking a long nap… ‘ He’s a big fan of his toys!

Peralta added, «We know he’ll be useful in a variety of ways.» No matter how you slice it, there is only one Joey!

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