The man discovers two baby chipmunks in his yard. There was a supernatural element to the rescue

You may have heard the old adage, «a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.» This father saw his two adorable kids playing in his yard.

The two kids climbed up on his outstretched hand and started playing with the shocked man like he was a real life doll.

Baby chipmunks, like other young animals, are full of energy and enthusiasm.

The mother chipmunk will remain with her young for approximately a month and a half, leaving for foraging trips in the early morning hours.

Unlike young chipmunks, who often stay close to their mother’s den, these curious youngsters ventured out on their own own.

It only took one of the kids a few seconds after he picked them up to crawl up onto his arm.

If you observe nesting swallows in your yard, please return them to their home and leave them alone. If their mother is still alive when you leave, she will go back to them.

Thankfully, this lucky guy had a clear idea of what had to be done. One little problem did exist, however. Eventually, the guy coaxed the curious baby back to his nest.

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