The little horse became close with the ranch’s dogs since she felt abandoned by her mother’s protective nature

Troll, a little horse, was abandoned by everyone save his overprotective mother. But because of the dogs at the Sanctuary, things are completely different now.To a fault, Troll’s mother was overprotective of her son.

If other animals wanted to smell Troll or engage with him, the Sanctuary owner said, «she appeared out of nowhere and made them go away.»

Troll didn’t have someone to care for him when his mother abandoned them. Since no one liked him, he also lacked companionship in the form of children.

Every day he rushed about the property hoping to strike up a conversation with someone, but to no effect. «It was a heartbreaking sight,» the sanctuary’s owner recalls.

Thankfully, the property also possessed golden retrievers and sheepdogs that helped the solitary Troll.

When the horse first saw them, he acted quite timidly. But after some time, he became used to the dogs and began often engaging in vigorous activity with them.

Since Troll’s mother was no longer protecting him, other horses gradually realized it was safe to approach him.

Over time, he bonded with his family and started talking to pets.

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