The lady purchased an outdated plane, parked it in the woods, and made her home in it

Catherine wasn’t completely at a loss for solutions when she found herself homeless, and she ultimately settled on spending a little fortune to buy the decommissioned plane.

She took a seat in the plush lobby of the converted Boeing, which stood in the midst of a thick forest.Catherine took her time making the decision to buy the aircraft.

The lady couldn’t afford even a cheap apartment in the city, so she kept looking farther and further out.

Even though the guy was only an air controller, his brother-in-law rushed to his aid.

The obvious answer, in his mind, was for the American to purchase a decommissioned Boeing instead of renting an apartment.

For the retired plane, Catherine paid little under $2,000, or around 150 thousand rubles.

The airline gladly covered the costs of moving the airplane to the spot I pointed out.

Restoration of the ocean liner took quite some time.

There are now bathrooms instead of outhouses, and the trunks have been converted into walk-in robes complete with a jacuzzi, a fully-stocked kitchen, and an oven.

The plane’s nose is set in a very specific spot just over the lake.

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