The lady presents a dog that has grown far bigger than any wolf; the animal is now as tall as a man while standing on all fours

Former puppy owner Brittany Davis had a hard time keeping up with the rapid growth of her pet.

Long story short: the dog eventually dwarfed any wolf it ever encountered. The pet’s owner shared images online, revealing that the animal is as tall as a man when it stands on all fours.

The brother not only suggested that the sister have a dog, but he also assisted her in locating a young canine companion. And he kept quiet about how a Great Dane puppy, the biggest dog breed, ended up in Brittany.

Zeus was unique among pups because of his enormous paws. After six months, however, the dog’s physique proved more than enough, and the adult dog grew to be enormous.

When my friends saw the dog, they stared at me like I had two heads.

«I was urged to submit an application to the Guinness Book of Records, and lo and behold, much to my astonishment, Zeus was officially acknowledged as the biggest dog in the world,» Brittany told the media.

Zeus is about 1.5 meters tall at the withers and stands erect on all fours. The behemoth weighs over 72 kilos due to his diet of 14 kilograms every day.

When I go for a stroll, I have to wait until even Zeus gets tired of hanging around. Kevin, Brittany’s husband, told the press, «You realize, it is not simple to make such a behemoth do anything.»

They made a short documentary on the mythical god Zeus.

Extremely large Great Danes like these need extra attention from their owners. The muscular strain is too large for the dog’s comparatively thin paws, therefore he will need close veterinary supervision.

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