The Japanese girl gave her grandfather a cat as a way to cheer him up

This 94-year-old Japanese man’s bleak circumstances were brightened by a ginger cat. He hasn’t smiled in a long time, according to his loved ones. But now, things have changed.

Meet Jiji, an old Japanese man, and Kinako, a ginger cat. Since he began working at the age of 16, Jiji has never missed an opportunity to put his life’s work on hold.

All of this put Gigi’s body under a lot of stress, and he ended up in the hospital in 2009. According to doctors, he was in grave danger of death.

As Akiko, Jiji’s granddaughter, puts it: «Once upon a time, dad was an energetic guy, but now he has lost the desire to life and has become melancholy and cantankerous, angered about trivial things.»

Jiji’s life began to shine again once he was introduced to the friendly ginger cat.

Kinako instantly formed a strong bond with his new owner and accompanied him everywhere he went, no matter where he traveled.

They have formed a close friendship that is extraordinarily close. A grumpy old guy and a shy, silent kitten? Who knew they’d become such good pals?

Jiji’s regular buddy, the cat, is always close whenever he sits or lays down.In the presence of the old, he clings to him as if he were a rosy-cheeked angel.

On her website, Akiko posted several photographs depicting her grandfather’s connection with his cat.

Akiko is a documentary photographer located in Tokyo who specializes in this discipline.

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