The happy ending is that the lost dog has been found

They had always knew their dog, Louis, was a wonderful kid, but they never really saw him until lately.

Incredibly, Louis’s mother, Marolyn Diver, related this story. Now 12 years old, Louis and his parents, Diver and Diver, have made New Zealand their home.

The longer a dog lived on his own, the more sedentary he became.

In spite of this, the area’s undisputed number one mysteriously disappeared one day and hasn’t been seen since.

The owners’ worries drove them over the edge, and they began to worry that their dog had forgotten the route home or was very ill.

The dog came home at night, exhausted but content. And there was a letter attached to his collar, the contents of which were a complete surprise.

This statement was made: «Louis is the legend of the day. He led me to where my dog Maddie was trapped because she had become entangled in a thicket of branches.

To whoever it may concern, here is Rob saying «hello.»

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