The greatest buddy of a cat is a dark-headed cappuccino monkey named Izy, who fell in love with the orange feline

They’ve been close since Malaine and Tom Courser arrived in the United States, sleeping next to one another, -playing together, and grooming one another despite the fact that they’re of two completely different species.

Izy’s owners expected him to become used to cats, but they never imagined that he’d have the opportunity to form such a close friendship with Zhoto.

Playing together in the yard, they chase after other cats. They’re always coming up with new and better ways to relax and have some fun.

As a youngster, Tom adopted Izy, and ever since she has been treated as if she were one of his own children.

Since then the two closest friends have spent their nights sleeping in various parts of the home, creating a beautiful friendship.

Friendship has no boundaries, and the most important thing in life is to love others. This great connection proves that.

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