The Golden Retriever’s favorite toy is a teddy bear. A small replica of himself is his most valued possession

We had a stuffed golden retriever from IKEA before we got a real one. It was suggested that a toy like a dog would be enjoyable.

Fluffy has always been a part of Barley’s life, even as he has become older. There is no place in the house where Barley does not have his favorite toy.

These countries have all been visited by the tour bus. Fluffy’s safety is a priority for Zita and Mark, since Barley relies on his presence.

They bought a few additional Fluffys in case anything happened to the original ones they had ordered. Customers hope that IKEA will keep this model in stock and restock their little storage.

Fluffy saved the day several times. A plastic cone toy was manufactured for Barley by his family after he was castrated

Barley carried food and bones to his companion because he thought he was unwell, according to his owners.

Because of this, Barley was able to recover quickly from his ailment.

In order to capture Barley’s special relationship with his stuffed animal, his parents started an Instagram account.

It had a following of more than a million people.

Zita and Mark get hundreds of comments on their dog pictures and videos they upload on the internet.

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