The father of this child is a hero for building a fort in the living room so that his son may sit with his best friend and enjoy the view

The dad constructed a fort where the kid and the family’s Golden Retriever, Lucy, can relax and enjoy the view.

Alex has always been fascinated by Lucy’s ability to see the passing automobiles and motorbikes outside the window, but he is unable to do so himself since he is shorter than she is.

David, realizing he had some spare time on his hands, decided to design something special for Alex that would make it easier for him to make use of his sight.

The father began working on his castle immediately, going out to purchase wood and then devoting the next four days to its construction.

He usually seemed really spectacular when he was done.

Alex had some trouble with the means at first, but after some practice it became very simple for him, and he hastened up close to Lucy to enjoy the view of the area.

Playtime with the toddler is a high point for the dog.

Lucy seemed to be extremely pleased to give Alex control of her window. She considers him her best friend since they’ve been together since before the young guy was even born.

The world would be a better place if more people were like Lucy.

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