The eagle finally raised the young falcon he had kidnapped for food as his own

In Canada, a bald eagle was seen kidnapping a young hawk from its home; what’s most remarkable about this incident is that once it arrived, the falcon decided to adopt the helpless creature rather than use it as a meal

The scientist, who was watching the live broadcast, could not contain her shock at what she observed.

To the astonishment of everyone watching the second because of a live feed from Growls, a non-profit organization charged with protecting and preserving the natural life on an Island.

Mother falcon treated her twins with the same care, which baffled spectators.

Davit, an ornithologist and retired teacher of natural life science, assures us that this incredible event is very unlikely to take place anytime soon in British Columbia, as we now know from a similar occurrence in the past.

Pam continues to check in on the new family; the hawkess seems to be paying close attention to the chicks’ growth; and Malala, the raptor, has boldly began her most memorable flying lessons without her parents.

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