The dog will wait for her owner all day if necessary

Fifi may be observed holding her breath all day long. The dog fell in love with the woman driving the little white car they just met.

Every day after breakfast, the small dog makes its way to the entrance and assumes a vantage point in front of the glass.

She patiently waits in their alley for a white vehicle to round the bend and pull into their driveway.

As soon as Fifi spots the automobile, she becomes quite thrilled. A letter from the dog would make her pleased, but she doesn’t really expect to get any.

The puppy’s undying love for the mailman is obvious.

As soon as Fifi laid eyes on him on day two, she was instantly smitten. When the owner went outside to get the mail, she brought Fifi along for the ride.

Dan, the mailman, had noticed the dog and she spoke to him for a little while.

Every day, when the dog’s food delivery comes, he waits patiently on the couch by the door until the truck arrives, at which time he barks to alert his owner.

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