The dog, who had previously slept on a chilly stone floor, now gets the most luxurious bed it deserves

No veterinary care was ever provided, and she was never released from her tether.When the salvage crew arrived, they were able to persuade Lola’s owner to let her go.

Because of all she had been through, no one could accuse Lola of being unfriendly.

Taking Lola to the animal veterinary institution for a surgery to remove certain malignancies was the primary mission of the group.

Then, Lola was sent to live with a foster family for a while until she was adopted by Charlene von Sacher, a New York City resident.

Although Lola has been living with von Sacher for quite some time, she still needed a few days to adjust to the weather.

The woman said, «She learned the locations of all the beds in the home to make her stay here as comfortable and pleasant as possible.»

Lola discovers a haven of refuge she had never been able to see before, whether it be a sofa, a love seat, a bed, or any other piece of furniture.

Once, she even discovered Lola sprawled out across two sunbeds.

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