The dog walker is in for the best of surprises when he visits his girlfriend’s place

The appearance of Milie’s boyfriend, Chris, a young canine walker, and his crew of scruffy friends, is the highlight of every day for Milie.

Millie does, on occasion, manage to capture the adorable scene outside her window when her beau comes to visit.

Chris will sometimes give Millie a few seconds to prepare to look out the window, and once that time has passed, Millie will saunter into the room, accompanied by her adorable canine friends, for a moment of silliness and perfectly staged cuteness.

The girl claims to share this man’s love of dogs, though she does admit to having favorites.

She said that most of the dogs her fiance works with are so happy and excited when they go down the street because their time with Chris is so wonderful and exciting.

Millie doesn’t own any dogs, but she does display a few sculptures of adorable pups that have left an impression on her on her daily walks.

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