The dog studied hard to master his role as babysitter for his owner’s young child, and he picked up quite a few skills along the way

Chico, Leonardo’s loyal dog, was there for him almost from the day he was born.

With her baby at an age when he mostly only requires someone to be in the same room with him, Alicia soon recognized that she didn’t need to look for a nanny.

But time marches on, and the mature Leo has new requirements, while the astute Chico has acquired further expertise.

Leo has been around for about six months, and Chico for two. Because he is the oldest and the only one in the family without a job, he is in charge of taking care of the infant.

Mothers are responsible for all hygiene and feeding duties. However, Chico works well as a cushion, tablet holder, and distraction device to prevent crawling away.

When out for a walk, the dog keeps a close eye on his charge and, at the first sign of distress, rushes up to the stroller, inserting his nose to soothe Leo.

Mom Alicia is thrilled with the current situation since, with the help of Chico’s devotion, she now has a lot of more time on her hands.

Since he learns things that are utterly out of the ordinary for dogs, it’s apparent that the dog sees himself as a proud protector of the family’s hearth and heir.

Leo will mature and become more proficient as he ages.

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