The dog likes to play with the dog camera and leave his sheep toy in front of it

Like his moniker suggests, causing mischief is one of Loci’s most cherished pastimes.When practising abandoning Loci, Loci’s family recently went to a nearby coffee shop.

They put in a dog camera to monitor him, and Teo would check her phone every few seconds to see how he was doing.

Everything seemed to be going well until Loci’s mischievous side emerged.

Teo explains, «I tried to put aside my camera a bit longer and longer, then I pulled it up and spotted the toy.»

To hide from his family, Loci had strategically positioned one of his favourite toys in front of the camera.

His parents were taken aback; they were worried that they wouldn’t be able to see him, but they couldn’t help but giggle at the surprise.

Immediately finishing his coffee, Teo explains, he went home to find out what his friend was up to.

So that I could hear what was happening at home, I cranked up the volume on my phone to a hundred. After what seemed like an eternity, he was waiting for us at the door when we finally arrived.

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