The dog is so nice that all the butterflies in the neighborhood know him

Mina has always been a kind and sensitive dog, even from a young age. He enjoys assisting his mother in all of her endeavors, but particularly in the garden.

Because the family’s yard is full of various flowers and plants, Mina was quickly accepted as a buddy by every butterfly that landed on the terrace.

The butterflies have taken a like to Mina and often visit him for a little snooze. When they do, he’s incredibly accommodating and lets them stay for as long as they want.

Mina has always been comfortable in front of the camera; he even has his own culinary show with his mother, so taking a plethora of stunning shots of him and his butterfly pals was a breeze.

Since Mina’s family’s garden has become a haven for butterflies from all over the world, she never misses a chance to observe and learn about them.

In the presence of his butterfly pals, Mina will go out of his way to be helpful and protective.

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