The cat was entrusted with the important task of delivering the rings to the altar

An American couple has just tied the knot. When the shocking reality was revealed, the guests were greeted with a solemn meow.

When the moment came to put on the rings, no one knew where the mystery came from.

Los, the adorable cat, ended up playing a critical role. The feline was devoted to his duty. Dina’s half-brother, Ricardo Scott Larson, was with the cat.

Ricardo shared a photo of the cat on Twitter after the party. This picture of a famous cat became a viral sensation. The majority of the feedback was positive.

It was also reported that a different girl wanted to reenact the wedding, but this time she only planned on inviting animals to the ceremony as guests.

His wife came up with the idea of bringing the rings to him via the cat a few months ago.

The cat was given a customized stroller so that he could get acclimated to it, play in it, and remain calm on the wedding day.

The picture illustrates how well he handled his responsibilities. Wow, this cat has some serious brain power and manners. How are you doing?

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