The cat has been visiting the cemetery of his late owner daily for the last year and would not leave

A year ago, this cat’s prior owner died. This hasn’t stopped the devoted animal from refusing to leave the grave of her deceased mother ever since.

To his credit, a random onlooker called Keli from Java, Indonesia, saw a sad cat’s cry and attempted to save it by carrying it home with him.

The following day, the cat had returned to his old location. It turns out that the cat has been at the graveyard for a year because he cannot accept his loss.

Once his owner’s children have taken him home to feed him, the cat emerges from the grave.

In the middle of the night, he curls up and meows. It’s heartbreaking to see. Animals are very bonded to their owners, Keli said.

Even if an animal doesn’t show any symptoms of affection to its owner, scientists believe that it mourns when its owner dies suddenly.

Getting bored is a common occurrence among cats, just as it is with people. In extreme circumstances, your veterinarian may give sedatives.

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