The Canadian dachshund Cristobal Crusoe is well-known for his unique attire

Crusoe, an Ottawa-based dachshund who develops and sells his own clothing line, is well-known for his distinctive outfits.

His earnings allow his owners to live comfortably. On Instagram, Crusoe has 700,000 followers. Ryan Beauchesne explained to Metro why Crusoe is so important.

He’s an anomaly. Even though he lived in a small Quebec hamlet, he swiftly became a household name. Many people were charmed over by Crusoe’s upbeat demeanor and kind disposition.

We were startled by the popularity of Crusoe. Allowing me to spend time with my cat every day is possible because of my job.How did you come up with the idea of dressing up Crusoe in this manner?

In my childhood, the coffee table of my family was piled high with William Wegman books. There are various animal costumes in his collection.

As a result of his influence, I decided to create my own blog. Is it difficult to dress a dog?

This isn’t always the case. Many costumes may be purchased without the need for tailoring.» They can’t complete anything due to their shape.

Is it possible to take a good picture of Crusoe?

Shooting with us is a lot of fun. We pet Crusoe’s back after the images were taken. Crusoe’s tail is wagging, and he seems to be content.

Because he shoots the greatest pictures when he’s having fun, I want to make him laugh.

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