The bus stop takes in strays and provides them with blankets during the cold season

As winter approaches, several residents of Portugal have opened their homes to homeless canines.

The bus station workers made a little area on their land available for the dogs to use as a place to rest, be fed, and stay warm.

They get supplemental aid in addition to the basics. The team also utilized discarded tires to create dog blankets and beds so the canines would be comfortable in the freezing temperatures.

To the untrained eye, this may not look like much, but to these three guys it’s the equivalent of a trip to a luxury resort.

These animals have endured much, and it may be the first time in their lives that they are treated with respect.

They can only stare at their rescuers with grateful eyes since they lack the language skills to really thank them.

A local congressman and animal rights advocate who saw the act of compassion stated, «My admiration to the staff, everyone recognizes that these angels exist and deserve the freedom to live.»

A pet might have been adopted by another group. Very nice, eh?

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