The bridge has become a de facto neighborhood for the locals

Distinctly non-standard building design may be seen on every continent. China has achieved new heights.

They have made a street out of the bridge they built over the raging river below. There is a clear depiction of the proximity of houses, shops, and other establishments in the film.

The bridge is located on the outskirts of Chongqing. This city is one of the largest in the world, yet you’ve never heard of it.

It is around the same size as Austria at 80,930 square kilometers. Chongqing is home to around 31 million people. It is important to take China’s territorial split into account.

City of Central Subordination Chongqing is divided into 31 districts, 8 counties, and 4 autonomous counties.

The urbanized area comprises 1.79 percent of the metropolitan area, or 1,473 square kilometers.

There are twenty-five bridges across the Yangtze in Chongqing. Chinese exaggerators incorrectly refer to it as the «city of 14,000 bridges.»

Bridges, in general, are engineering marvels. The arched span at Chaotianmen is 1.7 kilometers, making it the longest in the world.

The residential bridge in Chongqing is far more stunning. On a narrow canvas at the bridge’s peak, locals have set up homes and shops, drawing in crowds of tourists.

Both Chinese and European styles may be seen on the bridge. The bridge is often referred to as «the meeting point of East and West» by visiting tourists.

Chongqing’s urbanization is being hurried by the local government. It is estimated that during the next 10–20 years, the majority of the city will be built.

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