The bond between my child and our dog is something I try to capture in photographs

Our lovable dog, Jack, immediately took a shine to Raven the day I brought her home. Just as he never left me for an extended period of time, he continued to hang out at her place.

Jack sprang up on the bed or sofa and twisted his small body around his feet.

When she was little and had the chance to lie on the ground, Jack rolled over so that he was near to her.Whenever Raven went anywhere, you could bet that Jack would be there too.

Photographically, one of my favorite things to do is to document precious times with my kid.

Jack also made a couple cameo appearances throughout the presentation of the photos. We’ve resolved to completely implement these photography concepts.

This is how the first picture in what would become a series called «The Story of Raven and Jack» was taken.

And Jack is the finest kind of buddy. One of her best chances to be in her immediate vicinity is to eat right next to her at the table.

Once we placed it back on the solid floor, though, I felt compelled to remove it.

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